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“True creativity often starts where language ends.”-Arthur Koestler September 14, 2008

Posted by vettithoughts in Moosik: Soul of life.

(From Sulekha Website)

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.

Lou Rawls

I have been so looking forward to this show as this is the first show I will be attending since I came to the US. San Antonio does not get any desi shows probably because of the low number of Indians. Dallas and Houston get all the big shows. Austin get a lot of classical/carnatic shows due to the diligent work from India Fine Arts (IFA). So when I heard about this show, I asked M to get the tickets for both of us.

The show started exactly at 7:00 PM. I never expected that. I have heard about how desi events never start on time. So, this was surprising and quite a welcome change. Mr. Nagarajan gave an introduction to the artists who need none. The entrance of Chitra ji, Sailaja ji and Sri Krishna Vishnubhotla, the winner of a reality show were greeted with resounding claps and the audiance were on their feet to welcome Dr. SPB.

SPB ji was omnipresent and down to earth, introducing each song by mentioning some interesting titbit, teasing shy responses and blushes from Chitra ji, encouraging and supporting Sri Krishna interacting with the audience at every step and keeping us entertained every minute of the 3 hours.

Even before he started he explained that he might not be able to satisfy every person as the number of songs they will be singing in each language might not be the correct representative percentage of people from that specific region. He also requested that parents with crying children go outside (and watch the proceedings in the screen there) so as to not disturb the rest of the audience (believe me I appreciated that a lot!)

The first song what was rendered by all the four of them was

1. Vande Mataram

This was the Hindi version.

The second song was

2. Shankara (Telugu; Film Shankarabharanam). SPB ji sang the song and also mentioned that this was the song that garnered respect for him in the music field.

3. Ilaya nila (Tamil; Film Payanangal mudivathillai) the ever green song. No words needed.

4. Kalabham tharam (Malayalam; Film Vadakkum Nathan) Chitra Ji’s voice is as always like honey.

5. Abbanee Tiyyani (?) (Dhak dhak karne laga) version in Telegu

Don’t know if i got the right song name in Telugu. Even in a language that I don’t understand, the music and the singers kept me clapping to the tune.

Thanks to Ramani for the correction

The song is ‘Ammanee Kammani debba’ from the film ‘Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari’

6. Ram bha bham (Tamil; Film MMKR) another song that sets the feet tapping.

7. O Maria O Maria (Hindi; Film Saagar) by SPB ji and Sailaja ji. This was an unexpected delight.

8. Antha Rama Mayam (Telugu; Film Sri Ramadasu) a wonderful devotional number.

9. Karpoora Kannigai vaarai (Tamil; Vijay song) no idea what this song is or from which film. Sri Krishna sang this and man! that guy could sing. For all his shyness at being amongst such great singers, once he opened his mouth to sing, his voice could easily traverse all that the song required. (On googling I found out that the movie is Azhagiya Tamizh Magan)

10. Ee Sundara (Kannada; Film Amruthavarshini)

11. Venuve (Telugu; Film ??)

12. Maraindirunde parkum (Tamil; Film Thillana Mohandambal) by SP Sailaja ji. This was not as good as original.

13. Yamaha Nagari (Telegu; Film Choodalani Vundi) by Sri Krishna. Again the focus is on how easy he is with the microphone. Until he starts singing he is this shy person and once he starts singing it is truly a confident and professional performance.

14. Guruvayurappa guruvayur appa (Tamil; Film Pudhu pudhu arthangal)


(People started crowdiing in front of the dressing rooms to meet with the singers. I guess only a few got the opportunity. SPB ji apologized for that

15. Bangaru Kodi Petta (Telugu; Film

I suppose this is one of those famous Chiranjeevi songs just like how these kind of Rajnikanth songs are famous. anyway did not make any sense as far as the lyrics are concerned.

16. Mere Mehboob tujhe (Originally by Mohd. Rafi) SPB ji sang this for one person in the audience who wanted him to sing something classical from Hindi.

17. Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya (Hindi; Film Love) All I remember about this movie is it has Salman Khan and Revathy and I had liked this song. So it was nice to listen to SPB ji and Chitra Ji.

18. Bharathi Kannamma (Tamil; Ninaithale enikkum) Originally sung by SPB ji and Vani Jayaram and the music director is MSV ji.

19. Endu Paranyalum (Malayalam; Film—-) Chitra ji’s singin was so full of pathos.

20. (Maasi maasam alana ponnu)-Telugu version

21. Konjam neram (Tamil; Film Chandramukhi) This was rendered by Sri Krishna. Again I am full of awe for this guy’s singing ability.

22. Jotheyali (Telugu; Film Geetha) Originally by SPB and S. Janaki

23. Paadariyen Padipariyen (Tamil; Film Sindubhairavi) A national award winnning song by Chitra ji. Do I need to say more.

24. Antharyaami (Telugu; Film Annamacharya) by SPB ji and SP Sailaja ji

25. Ballelkha Ballelakha (Tamil; Film Sivaji) by SPB. Can any tamil concert be free of Superstar’s songs). This was an ultimate finish for an ultimate show.

The Good:

– Austin got the opportunity to host this show. Apparently, IFA has been trying for a decade to bring SPB ji to Austin. This year they out bid Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta.

– There was a bone marrow drive for an Austin resident Manish. Many peple registered for it.

-SPB ji, Chitra ji, SP Sailaja ji and Sri Krishna and the wondeful orchestra

-Very good organization, very well-behaved audience

-The Gateway church, for offering the venue and organizing everything so efficiently. (The church is building a hospital in Andhra Pradesh)

-The acoustics.

The bad:

-IFA people please proof read the hand outs. Two commas (,,), two periods (..), silly spelling mistakes- ‘Singe’ for singer; ‘Indiia’ for India could have been avoided.


SPB ji mentioned that though it is assumed that he has sung over 40, 000 songs, it is possible 35,000 and he has never applied for a Guinness world record.



1. vettithoughts - September 29, 2008

” Ramani – September 20, 2008[Edit]

Hi I attended the SPB program in Austin.. very much enjoyed.. would have preferred some more older numbers, though…Yes.. Sri Krisna with the mike is no longer the ’shy.. ‘ guy.. Captivated the audience very well.Glad somebody kept track of all the songs. SPB & Chitra ji sang Ammanee Kammani debba – a very popular Chiranjeevi number from ‘Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari….’ .. Being also Ghantasla fan, was bit disoppointed that nothing of that era was presented.. None the less enjoyed the show..”

Thanks for letting me know the song I missed.


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