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Looking for Fall colors at the Lost Maples November 6, 2007

Posted by vettithoughts in Texas, Travel.

Texas is not one of the places that people associate with fall colors. I think the last time I saw anything resembling fall colors is in New Jersey in October of 2004. Other than that it is one lone tree in my apartment complex that changes color every year.

Some of the state parks in Texas offer wonderful autumn colors. I live relatively closer to one of the parks ‘The Lost Maples‘ where the big-tooth maples put on a magnificent show. I have heard about this place and seen numerous pictures but never had the opportunity to go there. Last weekend B came with his wife and it was decided that we would go to see fall colors. The weather has been consistently warm the past couple of weeks. We had one small cold front I guess. The nights have been 50-60 degree Fahrenheit. That should have started the color changes in the leaves, or so we hoped 😉

It took us nearly one-and-a-half hours to drive to Lost Maples. This drive through the Hill Country is one of the best scenic drives in Texas. For a while it seemed that we were in some other hilly state. We passed though Bandera and other small town and finally reached the place. There is $6.00 fee per person. We got the map, parked the car and started walking. We stopped at the first red and orange we saw, which was 5 minutes into the walk. After a prolonged photo session, we seriously started to make a dent in the 4 or so miles we need to go on that trail. It is certainly a pretty place and a haven for photographers. We barely went 1.7 miles, it became dark. I did not have my tripod for the night time option and I was not going to trust my hands to hold the camera still. The sunset was supposed to be at 7:20 PM that day. So we turned back. Some day I have to get there early enough so that I get to take pictures and hike to my heart content.

Note: There are no shops inside the park. The nearest shop for water or snacks is 4 miles away. Carry lots of water, things to munch and probably a mp3 cell phone to play songs as you walk.

Photos copyright Sowmya 2007



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