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Aham brahmāsmi (On Hold) September 29, 2007

Posted by vettithoughts in Advaitha, On spirituality and religion.

P asked me the meaning of Advaitha today. It is not as if I know a lot about it. On the contrary, I have just started to read Mahaperiva’s Deivathin Kural‘s translation ‘Voice of God‘ (Vol I-VII) in hopes of furthering my understanding of that philosophy. How I obtained those books is only by god’s grace and is a story by its own.

When I questioned ‘P’ on what she thought was Advaitha she replied saying “I am god”. While ‘अहम ब्रह्मास्मि’ (Yajur Veda) sounds simplistic, I am sure that it is a vast ocean whose depth is unconquerable.

So I thought, as I am reading the Vol-I of Voice of God, I might as well post some thoughts from the book, which would help ignorant people like me and of course P to set foot on the path to illumination.

I will try to update this post every Saturday starting today.

1.  Vinayaka (Vol I; Pages 3-8)

Apparently Ishwara created coconut with three eyes (Lord Shiva has three eyes) and offering Vigneshwara coconut is equal to our willingness to offer the highest sacrifice. Breaking of the coconut is breaking our hardened ego.

When we pray to Pillaiyaar we hold our ears and double down (Thoppu karanam). I didn’t know the story behind it. Pillaiyaar in a playful mood once snatched the Chakra from Maha Vishnu and put it in His mouth. In order to make Pillaiyaar laugh, by which the Chakra will fall out of the mouth, Maha Vishnu caught his ears with His hands and danced. Vinayaka laughed and the Chakra fell out of His mouth. Thoppu karnam is a modification/distortion of the sanskrit word Thorpi– by the hands; karnam– ears.

That is all for today…


All my posts are going to be either paraphrased or quoted directly from the books.



1. Sivakumar Thiagarajan - March 24, 2009

Thopukaram is actually a form exercise. I remeber reading somewhere that while catching ear lobes, some vital points are being activated. Another thing is it is a form squatting.


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