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‘An eye at the top of the world…’ August 14, 2007

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Dr. M came up to me today and told me that he was ordering a book, which I should positively read. This is the same M, who has been promising for a long time now, that he was going to get me some books that I should read, CDs what I should listen to. None of these have seen the daylight since. So one would agree, when I say that I was not really into the conversation or jumping up in joy.

Finally, I managed to ask what the book was about.

This happened in 1965, after China conducted its first nuclear test in 1964. US and India in an effort to know what was happening behind the so called ‘bamboo curtain’ in China, placed a nuclear (Plutonium)-powered surveillance device on Nanda Devi, Himalayas. Apparently, the whole deal was a failure as the whole setup was lost in the glaciers where the Ganges originates. Apparently, India has restricted access to that mountain since.

Awareness about the environment has been slow in gaining momentum in India. So I am not really surprised that there has been no hue and cry about this, despite the matter being published in couple of papers.

But if this is all true, one can not really imagine what could happen if the plutonium leaks from the surveillance device. And I am really amazed at the fact there there has absolutely been no recognition of the enormity of this action and the possible impact it could have on the whole nation if the ganges was contaminated with plutonium.

Then again, the entire set up sounds like a cold war novel setting. I am not convinced enough, that the Indian government at that time would be stupid enough to consider such a foolhardy measure without thinking about the future impacts. But who knows what ran through the minds of decision makers at that time?

Would appreciate any information on this.

I looked up these websites-

Also check out the video at this site


1.Spies-Himalayas-Missions-Perilous-Studies2.Pete Takeda interview






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