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The adventures of Christopher July 12, 2007

Posted by vettithoughts in Once upon a time.....

The beginning….

There were bright lights every where. He wondered how he and the others found themselves in this particular place. Were they brought by someone? Or were they born here? It seemed that there was no past, only the present. He knew about others like him here only by the familiar voices he could hear.

There were majestic structures everywhere providing places where he could lay his head down and rest. At least there were no predators waiting to pounce on him now, when he was at his worst. Time meant nothing at this place. He could not see the trees or the sky. Nor could he say if it was morning, noon or night.

‘Well’, he said to himself, ‘I cannot keep hiding for ever. If I have to survive in this place, I need to look beyond this haven and venture out’. That would at the least quieten his hunger pangs for few more minutes. The first step he took was the most difficult one. His heart was beating so loud and he was sure that it could be heard by everyone dead and alive. He pulled up the last vestiges of his drowning courage and walked towards the big doorway that was looming up.

There was no impediment on his way. Gaining confidence with each step, he pretty much leaped through the doorway. It was darker than the outside. He listened keenly for any unfamiliar noises. There were none. He started to slowly relax his limbs. He had been worried that his nervousness might bring his enemies upon him.

Suddenly he heard chirping sounds. He realized he had to move from that place. Someone else was already there. These chirping were comforting sounds. Just as he was thinking to himself that he could find a spot around here, bright lights came up. He could hear the sound of shoes striking the floor. A huge ‘creature’ walked by him, stopped for a minute to look at him and walked away. These creatures looked frightening, but some hidden memory or past recollections helped tamper his fright.

He rested for an hour. It started getting noisier and crowded with more ‘creatures’ walking by his spot. After a while he stopped caring about them. More interesting things were keeping busy. A new thought has started creeping into his mind. He sensed someone who could interest him. He was debating with himself if he should announce his presence. After a lot of thought he decided to give it a shot. Once he started, it would continue until his objective was attained.

Later during the day….

S and C were discussing the continuous chirping sound that had been annoying them since morning. Music could not entirely drown the chirping sounds. Occasionally one of them would walk near ‘Christopher’s’ spot. This would shut the noise for a few minutes. S suggested to C that she probably should adopt ‘Christopher’ and give him a home. But first they have to find him. A hunt for ‘Christopher’ was organized under C’s leadership. Armed with conical tube, pipette and paper, C, L and S looked behind freezers and cardboard boxes calling for ‘Christopher’ to show his face. An argument was on about the treatment that should be meted out if they captured ‘Christopher’.


He was running out of places to hide behind. He could not believe that this was going to be his end. He could see his dreams and ambitions crashing in front of him. The happy thoughts that had caressed him a little while ago seemed like another lifetime. A huge stick pushed him forward and he fell into a well lit tunnel. He went down fast into the tunnel, hit against the walls and came to a stop. It took a moment for his spinning head to come to a rest. He tried walking in the opposite direction. It was not long before he hit a dead end. This was his end. His fears were coming true.

C wanted to leave ‘Christopher’ by the parking lot. S thought he would like it better in the well maintained garden. So, they went down in the elevators taking him in an orange capped 50 ml conical tube, making sure that he had enough air to breathe. The place that would suit him was the grassy area with trees around. After all, that was the natural habitat for a cricket like Christopher. Some how he had found entry into their department and lab. Many crickets have perished under the shoes of people. Few dead crickets lay littering the corridors. They had managed to capture him before he met the same fate and transfered him to his natural habitat where his chances of survival lay ingrained in his genes.

S, C and L would like to believe that Christopher is more happier under sun, moon and stars, than being inside and constantly annoying them with his chirping.

The end.



1. Mukundan - July 13, 2007

what an adventure !!!!! Christopher columbus came to discover America.Let the world know about Christopher Cricket who came to discover who “C” and “L” are really are….

Wonderful imagination.Great work “C” and “L”

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