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BLOGSWARA 2.0 November 2, 2006

Posted by vettithoughts in Moosik: Soul of life.

BLOGSWARA is back with a whole new attitude. Since their debut , there has been an addition of more talent like Vidyu, Swati, Divya, Sam, Preethy, Praveen to name a few. Their first album was an infant trying his first steps. This offering is a more mature album as far as 2 songs go. The child now on the threshold of adulthood. There is still some hangover of teenage angst.
There are seven songs in this album.
My favorite is ‘Mella mella’ sung by Jo and Vidyu. I knew even before listening would be a good. Over the months I have become a fan of Jo’s voice and I knew I would like his latest. Vidyu’s voice is a very good complement. Narayanan Venkitu sir’s lyrics…hats off to you sir…
The dark horse of this album is ‘Hai mera dil’ by Pradip, Swati, Ajay. This is a song I have listened probably 10 times in the last 2 hours. I think in this song the main attraction is the music orchestration.
‘Hai Junoon’ starts like Green day’s, but after that it kind of changes…
Other songs are just ok. Mella mella and Hai mera dil are clear winners.



1. DesiGirl - November 4, 2006

yo Sowm!
Who are these chars??

2. Jo - November 6, 2006

Hey, thank you very much for your mention about our team!!!

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