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A visit to rodeo May 30, 2006

Posted by vettithoughts in Texas.

Mesquite Championship rodeo

My memorial day weekend was spent in the company of my friends in Dallas, Tx. Got to do somethings that were on my to do list.
On Saturday evening we went to Mesquite rodeo. Though not as big or as famous as San Antonio, Fort Worth or Houston rodeos in Texas, this is big to warrant live weekly broadcast. A year ago, I had gone to a small rodeo with I guess not more than 10 people competing, somewhere near San Antonio. The one in Dallas was more fun.
The events we saw included bull riding, bare back riding, chuckwagon races, cowgirl barrel racing, team roping, tie-down roping. Bull riding was I guess the most interesting for me. It is always the animal vs the man for that 8 sec when the cowboy needs to remain seated on the bull. I could not get good pictures as that event was at the far corner of the arena. Team roping was an event that needed good timing and interaction between the header and heeler. The header ropes the steer around the horns and the heeler then ropes the legs of the steer. I got a not-so-good video of that. Bare back riding looked some what similar to bull riding except that it was on a horse and not a bull. I assume that there must be other requirements for judging, but I have no idea what those are. Couldn’t get a good picture of that. There was this cowboy poker…well all I could see was 4 cowboys seated on chairs around a table and a bull that came chasing them. Apparently who ever stays longer on the chair is the winner.
Chuckwagon racing was fun. There were these 2 teams consisting of 4 horses each and the one riding the wagon, these people went around cutting figure eights around the arena. Reminded of the chariot race from Ben Hur movie.
The whole event was from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The guys in the group seemed to lose interest towards the end. Me and another girl-friend had fun watching and cheering till the very end.

This picture shows the general arena.

The kids get together for calf scrambling.

Here is the chuckwagon race….
The race is on……………..

And here is the video of Team roping…



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