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My favorite talented brother…. May 24, 2006

Posted by vettithoughts in Moosik: Soul of life.

There was this young boy who was blessed (:-)) with 8 cousin sisters. Without any exception every one of them adored him. He was their favorite brother. One might wonder as to what made him so special that a post has been dedicated to him.

Well, for starters this is my blog and that means I can talk about whatever I want. But seriously, looking back at our shared childhood has only strengthened the love and admiration I have for him. More than an older brother who could have used his being ‘older’ to torment and poke fun, he has been a friend who would get down to our level and play..

He has been a guest when we (specifically me and 2 other cousins) played with small utensils, he has been our patient to our ‘doctoring’. He has led and followed the numerous jaunts in our grandmother’s kitchen to get those biscuits or ‘vellum’ she managed to hide. As we terrible 3 outgrew these games and the next set of cousins were born, he still found time to play WWF with them, which was the craze those years. I am sure they would agree with me when I say that he was one guy who could get down to any level to make us feel cherished and loved. He still look and has the same charm.

Now we are all grown up and he is married and has a sweet kid whom I absolutely adore. Over the years we have grown closer and is one of the people with whom I am really comfortable talking about anything. I have over the years got a chance to see him develop his passion which is MUSIC. My earliest memories of his musical journey are seeing him play the veena. I believe I am right when I say that he never took any formal training on playing the veena. It used to amaze me as to how one could play an instrument without having the necessary training. Probably it was what is know as ‘kelvi gnyanam’ and observing his sister play it.

His friends from college were an interesting group. Many of them had some kind of connection to music. I have spent many a weekends in his house, amidst this group. I do know that he took some classical training, but don’t think it was comprehensive. Then again, I don’t know much about music. I could be wrong.

A couple of months back, I spent a few days with him, my SIL and my niece. We had so much fun together and I got a chance to listen and experience a part of his musical journey. I am as always amazed at the creativity and passion with which he approaches music.

He and his friends have thought, created and breathed life to this concept called BLOGSWARA-United in music which has brought together a versatile, talented group who incidentally ‘found’ each other through blogs (Jo, Anup, Narayanan Venkitu, Meera Manohar, Baranidaran, Encore, Ajay, Mukund, Ajit, Harish, Udaya, Jyothis, Murali, Kiran, Pradip – I hope I haven’t missed any!). I have no words to describe this incredible (I am being redundant) poetry of music and can only commend the Herculean effort that has gone into making this possible.

For those of you still having trouble guessing the identity of my brother…his name is Ganesh.

Hope you enjoy and allow your selves to be swept along with this river called melody.



1. Ganesh - May 26, 2006

Oh Sowms
That was so chweet of you 😉
Good old days

2. Jo - May 26, 2006

Thanks for writing about us. Came here through Ganesh. 🙂

3. vettithoughts - May 26, 2006

Hi Jo,Thanks for visitng my blog.I visit your blog often, but haven’t left any comments so far.

4. Aravind G - May 28, 2006

Came through Ganesh’s blog. Nicely written.

5. vettithoughts - May 29, 2006

Thanks for visitng my blog Aravind.:)Sowmya

6. Anonymous - September 6, 2006

Lucky girl. Enjoy.

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