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A Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA) April 25, 2006

Posted by vettithoughts in Texas.

Fiesta is an annual 10 day (April 21, 2006 to April 30, 2006) celebration event in San Antonio, Texas (We get friday off :)). It means ‘fun world over’. This attracts numerous visitors as well as the residents to a historic village in downtown called ‘La Villita’.

NIOSA, pronounced (knee-oh-sa) is presented by San Antonio conservation society as a part of Fiesta celebrations for four nights. La Villita is divided into 15 cultural areas with their own food, music and art.

Today my friends and I left school at around 4:15 PM to get a park and ride (VIA transport) to La Villita. We reached there at about 5:00 and had to wait until 5:30 PM to be let in. Until then we decided to walk in the river walk. Here are some pictures from one part of river walk (Under the bridge in Navarro street.

The following pictures are from La Villita. The whole village is divided into- International walk (featuring Greek, Polish food), Mexican market, Irish flats, China town, the French quarters, Sauerkraut something (German), Frontier town to name a few. Had corn cobs boiled in butter and water and sprinkled with lemon pepper in Mexican market, Non-alcoholic Irish cream in Irish Flats, Mushroom puff at French quarters and finished with Ice tea and a dessert from the Mexican market. Listened to good music. Each culture had their own music and not to mention dancing. Got to watch the chicken dance where old and th e young danced to the music.

….and above is the picture of the crowd at different food stations.

Hats hats colorful hats….

Believe it or not- those are painted okras I found in one of the galleries in La Villita (by Alice Knight; aliceknightsa@aol.com). Her husband kindly allowed to me snap as many pictures as I wanted. She has some lovely art and pottery.

Got to listen to the mariachis.

Stuffed with food and music we trudged back to the entrance. We were lucky to go early. By 7:00 PM it got so crowded that we were moving at a snail’s pace.
This picture below is the final picture I took of river walk as it started to get dark and the lights turned on.

A lovely place. But I don’t think I can do this again next year. Before I graduate I still have the rodeo to visit!



1. Ancient Clown - May 26, 2006

Cool pics…I have some you might like as well but still new to the camera.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

2. vettithoughts - May 26, 2006

Thanks ancient clown for stopping by.

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