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42% Chennai kids sexually assaulted- so says this article …. March 30, 2006

Posted by vettithoughts in Awareness.

Click Here for the article.

I do not know how these statistics came about.

Some of my friends and I recently had a conversation about this and many of them did accept that when they were kids, they have had people well known to them make some kind of ‘sexual gesture’ or ‘action’. It was unfortunate that we all agreed on the fact that our moms were not willing to believe or understand when they were informed in euphemistic terms that we didn’t want to visit that ‘particular uncle’.

I am sure that there are many of us who have had bad experiences in crowded buses. At that time it was too common and not many parents could afford to send their daughters in 2 wheelers or many alternative arrangements, Looking back I wonder if that is why I even stopped mentioning the numerous incidents in public busses and else where. I stopped going in crowded buses even if that made me an hour or so late to the college.

Reading the article in Hindustan times, reminded me of those incidents. I hope parents today are more aware and willing to listen to their daughters when they talk about such incidents or when their daughters are upset after visits from so called family friends.



1. Sriram - May 26, 2006

Hey Sowmya…
Actually, what u say just doesnt happen for girl childs..it happens for even small boys.. i had a very very bad experience in our local train when i was going to school..and when i told this to my friends, some actually said it also happened to them..too much..stupid pedo’s…

PS: wassup with u…am just swamped here.. would find time and drop by ur place..:)

2. Prahalathan - May 26, 2006

I’ve even seen daughter who had been repeatedly molested by her father at the Psychiatry clinic. Such things are quite common while it’s a few minutes of pleasure for some it’s a lifetime with psychological scars for many… Pathetic

3. vettithoughts - May 26, 2006

@ Prahalathan,Sorry for the delay in replying to your messages. I quite agree with you. It is really a sad state when people who should protect and cherish turn out to be monsters.@ Sriram,This was just from a girl’s point of view. I am sure there are many such incidents when you ask kids be boy or a girl. I think we need more awareness and the kids should be taught to defend themselves.

4. Visitor - July 26, 2007

There are several instances recorded in blogs with the tag Blank Noise project.
Here’s one that I came across recently:
Hear me too.

5. vettithoughts - July 26, 2007

Thanks for introducing me to the blog.

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