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Michael Flatley’s Lord of the dance January 7, 2006

Posted by vettithoughts in Moosik: Soul of life.


My friend’s and I went to watch Michael Flatley’s Lord of the dance today at the Majestic Theatre (San Antonio). Had a great time dressing up for it :). Despite having seats at the ‘nosebleed section’ we had fun.

This was my first time at the Majestic theatre. All I can say is WOW!!!! it was experience.

My two cents:

The first half was so good. I was caught up in the sets, lighting, choreography and the dances. As I was not familiar with the story line had fun trying to come up with one. We were trying to determine if the dance was to the taped ‘taps’ or was it the real tap dancing that could be heard above everything. Another doubt was if the imp/spirit is played by a man or a woman. (I know. It was an important question that needed to be answered :))
The second part was not as good as the first half. There was this coordinated dance with dancers in fluorescent/neon dresses. That was good. The dance off/ fight off was not as I had imagined it would be. It was pretty tame. That dance is supposed to be the finale good vs evil. But mostly had the dark lord and lord of dance posturing and dancing a little bit. (I guess I wanted something like “sabhash seriyana potti—dance between Padmini and Vyjayanthimala in Vanchikottai Vaaliban).
The dueling Violinists were charming. There was also another woman who sang three times in the show. I think a part of her each song was in Gaelic (couldn’t understand anything). But I didn’t know what the songs did to take the story further.

This is one show that I would recommend for the sheer magnificence of the sets and performance (my friends and I ended up rooting for the dark lord. Thought that he had more opportunity to exhibit his dance and was very very good (imagine lot of drooling here).

To read a more comprehensive review which states what I exactly felt read this.



1. Sriram - January 11, 2006

Hey Sowmya
Belated New Year wishes..enn kadhaya kekadha..velai velai velai and i am just drowning..i am scared to death sem ennum start kooda agala..i have taken may be a days’ break in the last 15 plus days.. adhuvum toonga..my prof is beating the crap outta me..appo appo endha bloggin dhan en poludhu pokku.. a good respite to vent my feelings out and ease my kova/dhabangal..hopefully I shall get atleast some of my work scheduled for this week done and then would come to ur place to see ya’all..have fun…
hope things are peachy and going great in ur end..:)

2. Sriram - January 12, 2006

Hey Sowmya
I feel very good now.. appo appo endha madiri arudhal kadhigala pagirndhukonda refreshinga eruku..:D

3. unknown - January 13, 2006

lovely..first time here..came via sriram..
nice messages….

4. vettithoughts - January 13, 2006


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