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Atlanta, Georgia November 25, 2005

Posted by vettithoughts in Travel.

I visited Atlanta, Georgia twice within June 2004 to July 2005. Both the times it was to attend conferences. During the free afternoons and evenings, despite the humidity and heat, my friend and I walked some of the parts of Atlanta that has retained the old southern houses, magnolia trees and their heady fragrance that engulf your senses, the house where Margaret Mitchell wrote “Gone with the Wind”. We even went to one of those authentic Southern restaurants “Mary Mac’s Tea Room” which has been there since 1945 and had iced tea and sweet potato soufflé, creamed corn, fried green tomatoes, potato cakes and finally topped it off with Georgia peach cobbler……Yummmyyyyyyyyy . Just wanted to post these pictures and share an interesting webpage.

I found the following article of one of the websites I was browsing through.

Have fun reading!!!!

Rules of the Southern Lifestyle


All good Southerners already know these, but in fairness to those Yankees who were dumb enough to stay down here:

1. Don’t order a steak at a Waffle House. They serve breakfast 24 hrs a day, so let them cook something they know.

2. Don’t laugh at people’s names. Merleen, Bodie, Luther Ray, Tammy Ann, Mari Beth, and Inez have all been known to whip a man’s ass for less than that.

3. Don’t order a bottle of pop or a can of soda — this can lead to a merciless beating. Down South it’s called Coke, even if you want a Pepsi.

4. Don’t show allegiances to any college football squad that isn’t an SEC team. All the others are a bunch of candy asses who get to play Wyoming every week.

5. Don’t refer to Southerner’s as a bunch of hillbillies. Many of us are/have been more literate than you (e.g. Welty, Williams, Faulkner), better educated, and generally much nicer to boot. We’ve got plenty of business sense (e.g.Turner Broadcasting, MCI WorldCom, MTV, and Netscape). Naturally, we can have lapses of judgment from time to time (e.g. Clinton, Fordice, Duke). We don’t care if you think we’re dumb, we know better!

6. We are fully aware that the humidity is high. Quit your bitching, spend your money, and leave.

7. Don’t order wheat toast at the Cracker Barrel. If you do this, everyone will know you’re from Ohio. Eat the biscuits like God intended and for goodness sake, don’t put sugar in your grits.

8. Don’t attempt to fake a Southern accent. Nothing will incite a riot faster.

9. Don’t go around talking about how much better it is back home. If you don’t like it here, take your Yankee ass back home.

10. We don’t play lacrosse, hockey or any of those other sissy ass Northern games, so don’t ask about the scores. We…simply…don’t…care.

11. We know how to speak proper English, we talk this way because we want to and we can. It’s like playing jazz, you have to know how to do it right first.

12. Last, but by no means least…DO NOT try to tell us how to Bar-B-Q. This could lead to permanent expulsion and revocation of your work visa. Consider yourself just damn lucky that we let you come down here in the first place. Don’t push your luck!



1. divide_by_zero - November 26, 2005

I haven’t been to white sands – is that the cavern between austin and sa?

Yes, and I did go to the Caverns at Carlsbad… Wow! It was crazy!!

When did u pass out jv?

2. divide_by_zero - November 26, 2005

I just checked it out.. It was just 4 hrs from Carlsbad.. Should’ve gone there.. looks btfl

You’ve been to all these places? that’s quite beastly!!

3. Ganesh - December 5, 2005

hey looks like I missed some updates
Nice pictures.

4. divide_by_zero - December 27, 2005

Thanks!! you’vent been bloggin lately?

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