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Enter the discworld!!!!! May 11, 2005

Posted by vettithoughts in Books and movies.

I have become a fan of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.
I got introduced to one of the Discworld books during one of those phases when you feel you have read all the good books that the fiction world has to offer or you are waiting for another book from your favorite authors. My friend couldn’t stop raving about the author. I was not convinced. But at that time any book would have done for me (I was starved for books…).

Terry Pratchett himself says that it all started out as a parody of the fantasy fiction.
But throughout the years it has evolved into something more. It is more than a story of a person or even a group of people. It is the story of a new world, with different folks inhabiting, sometimes peacefully but many a times not! Forget about all the science and origin of the universe you have learnt. Here is a world much more enthralling. This is a world that travels on the backs four elephants that stand on the back of a giant turtle. That takes one hell of an imagination to conceive something like that.

“The color of magic” is the first book in the series. That was not the first book I read though. I don’t think this is a series where you have to read in order to understand this fantastic world. You meet different people – dwarves, witches, werewolves, vampire, trolls, the grim-reaper, so on and so forth…stretch your imaginations people… and none of them fit into any of the boxes you know. There are these nosy know-all witches Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg setting out to save people they know. They keep you entertained with their philosophies and antics. Wouldn’t you want to peek into a world where there is a Corporal Carrot- who happens to be an adopted dwarf who is seven-feet-tall, a vegetarian werewolf and the counterweight continent?
It is not just humor, there is sensitiveness and very deep study of characters that you want to revisit the often. They have laws for the city/town, for the guild (like the assassins guild) and some that everyone makes as and when they need it.

It is a weird world, but everything makes sense at the end of the day.



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