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A typical summer evening January 17, 2005

Posted by vettithoughts in Misc..

It was a summer evening. The sun had started to set. The humidity was slowly being washed away by the soothing breeze that had started to make its presence felt. The strains of the violin could be heard from the house next door. Probably it was the youngest son practicing his violin lessons. More than often this music was jarringly interrupted by noisy trucks crossing the main road that was nearby. The lights in the streets started to come on one by one and this was shortly followed by the house lights. Somewhere nearby the evening call to prayer rang out in a mosque. Teenagers in the street playing cricket stopped their play and were starting to move to their respective houses ad midst loud discussions about the cricket match enthralling the nation. A vegetable seller was making his last round for the day pushing his cart. He would call out once in a while asking the ladies to check out the fresh brinjals and ladyfingers which were cheaper than the market price. A group of women were returning from the shiva temple. They could be heard talking in loud voices about what they would be to cooking for the dinner. One of the women shouted at her son to get into the house when she saw him still hanging with his cricket friends. This started a discussion about how kids were becoming uncontrollable. The men folk started returning from their work in scoters and motor bikes. This broke the women folk out of their discussions and each went to their respective houses. As the moon started to show herself in her full glory the street started to clear of people. All the noise that could be heard was of some tear jerking serial on television from some house. As the night started to wrap the world in her star studded quilt, there was a lone mother’s voice while feeding her baby ….

Oh moon! Come gliding

Without a pause

And over the mountains

Bringing the fragrance of jasmine….



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